Are you willing to take the risk?

Most people seem to want/expect opportunities with low risk and high reward. Unfortunately, with a few exceptions, these opportunities don’t exist.

The next option most people seem to pursue is low risk low reward. An example would be the unemployed person who is looking for someone to hire them so they can have a guaranteed income. While this is understandable it’s important to understand that in today’s economy, there are many other people looking for these exact same opportunities. Since supply is high and demand is relatively low, people are struggling to find these opportunities.

The alternative, which too many people are afraid to take is to assume some of the risk yourself. If an organization hires you, they are taking the risk because whether you produce or not, they are stuck paying your salary. If you are willing to remove that risk from the employer, many might be willing to give you an opportunity.

I will use my web design company as an example. We have many clients and a fair number of them are nationally/internationally known. We are able to stay busy solely off of referrals and people finding us online. We do absolutely no marketing. While I’m interested in growing the company, I’m not quite ready to hire a full time salesperson. However, if someone were to approach me and offer to provide clients or leads in return for a percentage of the increase in revenue, I would be all for it. A person could do this and make much more than they would as a full time employee but it would require them to be willing to be compensated based on production as opposed to based on time.

There are many organizations out there that would be open to this type of an arrangement (it can’t be used in all industries as some have limitations based on licensing or certifications etc).

So what stops someone from approaching an organization and making this type of an offer? Two main things. First is it’s something many people haven’t considered. Second, most people would prefer for someone else to take that risk. The way I look at it, if you don’t have anything good going for you, it’s better to take on some of the risk (is there really any risk when you aren’t making money anyway?) step up and take on some of the risk and before you know it, good things will be happening.

The key to these type of opportunities is many of them don’t currently exist. For example, I don’t have a “help wanted” message on my web site with this type of an offer. Many others who would consider this really haven’t given it any thought. Take the initiative and you will see the reward!

Have a great day!

PS If you don’t believe there are people out there that would take someone up on this type of an offer, if you are truly serious, send me an email and if things make sense, we can start right away!

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