Word of Mouth

Hopefully everyone understands they are selling something every day. It might be that they are a salesperson selling products. It might be that they are selling their services or it might be that you are selling your credibility.

The question you must ask yourself every day is “how do you earn peoples trust?”

Some organizations try to earn people’s trust by purchasing advertising which tells people how trustworthy they are. The problem with this is you are the last person who should be telling people about yourself.

Other organizations will work hard to get testimonials of people telling other people about yourself. The problem with this is it’s difficult to determine when testimonials are legitimate and when they are fake or paid for. For years, paid endorsers would appear on TV giving the impression they use a certain product or service. These days, people are more aware that these people are frequently being paid for their testimonials.

The most effective use of testimonials is when they come from a friend. While this method has always been effective, it used to be difficult to get this type of message to enough people. However, with today’s means of communication using the Internet, it’s much easier and more effective. People blog, people tweet people use various social networking sites to get their messages out to their friends.

If you don’t know if or what others are saying about your organization online, you are missing out on important information.

Use things such as Google Alerts to let you know when something is posted about you or your organization, Do regular searches to see what is being said. Be willing to answer questions, refute accusations etc.

It’s easy to ignore what others are saying about you but that isn’t the best way to handle things.

Remember, information is power.

Have a great day!


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