When looking for a specific answer, there is only one right answer

When looking for a specific answer, there is only one right answer. This might seem to be quite obvious but in business, it’s frequently one of the biggest mistakes people can make.

As an example, if sales are down, we tend to look for ways to increase sales. Should we increase marketing? Should we change the price? There are a lot of variables and we keep looking for the one “right answer”

An alternative would be to go in with an open mind and instead of looking for a specific answer, be willing to consider all options.

If you are a consultant and are having difficulties getting new clients, rather than searching for new ways to get more clients, consider more options and see if there are other ways to use your talents.

If you are a marketer and are having problems with finding new clients, rather than banging your head against the walls trying to find new clients, consider creating your own product and market for yourself.

If you run a hotel and are having problems filling the rooms the traditional way, consider other options such as renting your meeting rooms to local businesses for their meetings (many hotels have a few “board room” type offerings and many local businesses have needs for occasional conference rooms but don’t have a need for more office space.

If you are a Realtor and are having problems due to the recent economic downturn, is there something else you can do that would compliment your business?

If you look for a specific answer, at best you will get that answer. If you look with an open mind, the possibilities are endless

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