Web Based Calender

People lead such busy lives these days that it’s wonder how anyone keeps track of their schedule anymore.

The online calender at www.30boxes.com is a wonderful free tool that not only can be used for yourself but can be shared with your coworkers and friends.

Many people use the calender built into Outlook or whatever other email program they use. The two problems I have with that is it’s difficult to access from other computers and also difficult to share with others (unless it’s on a shared network).

As an example, if you have 4 meetings on Friday and someone calls your assistant trying to set up a 5th meeting, if it’s someone your assistant knows you will want to meet with, she can access your calender from her computer, see the times available and schedule accordingly. As soon as it’s scheduled, you would see it updated on your calender wherever you are logged in from.

Another wonderful way to use this program is to use it as a shared calender. If you have 20 people in an office, it’s difficult to know when people are going to be in the office and when they are meeting with clients or traveling. If each member of the organization creates their own calender, they can share their work activities with each other while also keeping personal activities private (you get to choose what you share and what you keep private).

One of the simple features I use regularly is the reminder part. When I schedule something on the calender, I have the option of setting a reminder that will either email or text me prior to the event. I can pick how far in advance it alerts me and only use the feature when I chose to. In my case, I tend to lose track of time when working so will have it send a reminder about an upcoming meeting or call to remind me to get ready.

The best feature about 30boxes is there is no cost!

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