Three new books

There are three new books for sale on

The first book is Pragmatic Team Dynamics and is 118 pages on Leadership.

The second book is Team Building: A Guide for the Reluctant Manager and is 194 pages on team building.

The third book is The SWOT Analysis and is 74 pages on analyzing and evaluating different things by looking at their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Rather than telling you more about these books, you can go to and read a bit more and also download the first 20 something pages of each book to get a better feel for the content..

Each of these books is available for purchase from that page (or on for $17.95 but they are being offered to my blog readers for $27.95 for all 3 plus (plus $4.95for shipping) at

If you have any questions or want specific quantities and pricing, please feel free to email me at

Have a great day!


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