Safety in the workplace

Employers are responsible for making sure their work places are safe and secure. If they don’t do so, they will most likely be in violation of OSHA regulations.

Employees need to also be responsible for making sure their work areas are safe and secure. This isn’t about liability, this isn’t about placing blame, this is about staying safe.

Too often, people don’t give much thought to safety until it’s too late. They wait till there is a problem then everyone scrambles to place blame elsewhere. Instead, why not be proactive, work to make sure there is a safe workplace and prevent a lot of problems for all.

If you are reading this post at a desk, do you know where the nearest fire extinguisher is? Do you know all your options for exit in case of an emergency? Are there unnecessary sharp objects that could injure you or someone else?

Rather than being like most people and wait to place blame after something happens, why not take charge, make sure your work area is safe and prevent things from happening to you or to others.

We live in a litigious society where people are looking to place blame, sue and get rewarded. Wouldn’t everyone be happier if we avoided these problems in the first place?

Have a great day!


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