Remote access with Logmein

A few days ago I wrote how I use to access my files remotely. Before doing that, I used the program at to do so.

The problem I had with using for remote access is it required me to leave my computer online in order to access. For multiple reasons (ranging from security issues to hating to waste energy) this wasn’t an ideal situation.

However, logmein is wonderful for other purposes. If I want to demonstrate to a client how something works, I can have them login to my computer and with me sitting at my computer and then at their computer, I can show them exactly what I’m doing on my computer. I can go so far as to allow them to control my keyboard so they can actually try things out with my watching over them.

The other way we use logmein is to have clients install the program on their computer and rather than them trying to explain the problem they are having, they can show us exactly what they are doing. This saves a great deal of time and confusion.

While I use logmein pro, in order to allow me to limit the access to my computer when doing a demonstration, logmein also offers a free service that does enough for what most people would use.

One other feature that allows that can’t be done with the remote access to files from carboninte is while I can download any file I want from carbonite, I can’t access my programs using carbonite so if there is a program on my home computer I need to use remotely, logmein works wonderfully!

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  1. Nice article! I was a long-time user of LMI Rescue and it’s a wondeful tool, but simply just waaaay too expensive for my budget and work volume. I use a browser-based tool called Techinline ( which is a fraction of the price, although it doesn’t provide me with some of LMI’s “bells and whistles”. Still a very practical and easy to use solution

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