Project Management

It would be wonderful to work on one project at a time and not have to worry about the next one until this one is done.

However, for many of us, this isn’t reality.

Having a project management program will allow you to stay on track, manage various projects, communicate with others etc.

The one I use is Basecamp and can be found at Depending upon the level you sign up for you can do the following within Basecamp

Have multiple projects
Assign different people to different projects
Have a basic overview of each project
Create messages for simple communication between the people involved in the projects
Create multiple To Do lists within each project
Create and track milestones
Use a chat room
Time Tracking
Take advantage of file sharing and monitor different versions.

At any given time, we might have 10-20 projects going on (plus some ongoing projects) and having the ability to login to basecamp from any computer and see the status of each project, see what is being worked on and by whom etc has proven to be invaluable.

Basecamp is not what I would consider a “pretty” program but what it might lack in terms of style, it more than makes up for with substance.

Have a great day!


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