How important are your hires?

We spend a great deal of time, money and thought on the hiring process for the top people in an organization. When a board of directors is looking for a new CEO, they will frequently use a recruiting service that costs a great deal, fly in the top candidates for interviews, do extensive background checks etc.

We spend very little time, money or thought on the hiring process for the more entry level positions.

As an example, a nice restaurant might spend a great deal to hire the “right” executive chef. This person might be able to create wonderful meals. However, if the hostess at the front door is rude, it wont matter. If this great creation is placed on dirty dishes (because the dish washers don’t care about their job), the meal is ruined.

A hotel might search far and wide for the “right” general manager. However, if the housekeeping crew doesn’t do a good job cleaning the rooms, the guests experience will be bad.

The law firm might have the best lawyers in town but if the receptionist doesn’t answer the phone there might not be many clients.

It’s important to hire the right people at the top. It’s also important to hire the right people for all positions. Don’t skimp on your HR, they make a big difference

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