Don’t tell me, show me

The other day I was asked to look at a web site for a potential client. The site did a nice job of telling the website visitor that if they go with this organization, they will have fun, experience adventure and be happy,

I then looked at their primary competitors website and instead of telling the visitor they will have fun etc, they had wonderful pictures showing people having fun at their location.

The description didn’t do a good job of allowing me to see myself in that environment. The pictures did a GREAT job of allowing me to see myself in that environment.

It doesn’t matter if it’s done with pictures or with words but if you can get me to picture myself enjoying something or picture myself experiencing something, you will have a much better chance of selling me then if you simply tell me I will enjoy an experience.

In short, don’t tell me, find a way to show me and your chances of making the sale go up dramatically

Have a great day!

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