Don’t give people the chance

A few days ago I was speaking with a high school soccer coach. I asked how one of his former players was doing at college and he told me she had been cut from the college program. He explained how the college had a change of coaches and the new coach hadn’t seen her play so when the girl failed the fitness test, it gave the coach the excuse he needed to cut the girl. In this high school coaches opinion, the college coach wasn’t fair and didn’t give the girl a fair chance at making the team. Without knowing much about the situation or knowing whether this girl could help the program or not, this is what I do know. If she truly wanted to make the team, she shouldn’t have given the coach the chance to cut her. College athletes know what the fitness tests are going to be (in most cases) and while it’s debatable whether fitness tests are an effective way to evaluate players, if you know you are going to be tested and evaluated on certain criteria, then make sure you meet that criteria. If this girl really wanted to make that team, she would have passed the tests and not given the coach the chance to cut her.

If you know there potentially are going to be lay offs at your work, don’t give them the chance to lay you off. Be the first at work and the last to leave. Do more than is asked and more than is expected. Don’t try to simply reach your numbers but do everything you can to exceed your numbers.

Just the other day I was speaking with a partner of a small law firm. He was saying that one of his partners would be retiring in the next year or two. There are two associates who would hope to be considered to replace him as a partner but he said he is in the office before those two every day and usually is there after them as well. He has never seen them in the office on weekends and sometimes they bill the number of hours they are supposed to and other times they don’t hit their expected numbers. Chances are, each thinks they have a good shot at becoming partner but they are giving the partners a chances to say no but not taking the extra steps.

We want to control our own destiny but when given the opportunity, too many of us give others the chance to say no.

Do everything you can to not give others that chance

Have a great day!


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