Do you pay attention to what is around you?

Recently I had a glass of wine with dinner at a nice restaurant in town. The wine was very nice so the next day, I went to a wine shop that is located right next door to the restaurant and told them what I had and asked if they carried something similar. It ends up, this wine store carries all of the wines offered by the restaurant next door (plus many more). They don’t openly solicit business from the restaurants customers but they have found it’s good business policy to carry what the restaurant carries for the same reason that it worked with me.

This made me wonder, how well do businesses know the surrounding businesses and how do they take advantage of those around them (by take advantage I don’t mean to abuse the relationship but rather to work together to the benefit of both)?

A hotel will know (hopefully) what is going on at the convention center but do they also know what is going on at the local church down the street? Are there advantages to knowing about upcoming weddings or other special events?

A restaurant will know about the big concert in town but do they also know about the gallery opening down the street which will have a lot of people who might be interested in the restaurants offerings?

There is a fine line between getting too deeply involved in what others are doing which results in us neglecting our own work and being so self centered that we don’t know what is going on around us and thus lose out on great opportunities.

Make sure you know what is going on around you, there are wonderful opportunities for those in the know

Have a great day!


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