Do you allocate resources for education?

How much time and money does your organization allocate for education?

Do you not have the time for the proper training of your staff? Does it not fall within our budget to provide ongoing training for the people in your office?

Recently, I was speaking with a business person who mentioned that the company she worked for used to provide training on programs such as the use of Microsoft Excel, Creating Power Point Presentations, Time Management etc but a few years ago the company made the decision to cut back and no longer provides this training. Because of this, they are less efficient, make more mistakes and generally don’t do as good a job simply because people don’t know how to use the tools required to do their job properly.

For a very small amount of money (in the overall scheme of things), this company can get more work done, more efficiently and have more productive employees.

So, how much money and time do YOU have allocated to your ongoing education?

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