Communication in education

Different people have different preferred methods of learning.

Some learn by listening

Some learn by reading

Some learn by seeing others do it first.

Some learn by doing

Some learn by asking questions

Many people teach using only one or two of the methods people use to learn. Because of this, they limit the number of people who are able to learn effectively from them.

An example of using multiple means of communications in your teaching would be to do the following.

1.Explain the problem
2.Demonstrate the problem
3.Explain the solution
4.Demonstrate the solution
5.Have someone else explain the solution (this does two things, first it’s a way to make sure that person can understands the solution and also gives others an opportunity to hear a different voice and different words give a similar solution)
6.Have the audience (the students), walk through the solution (this helps to ensure they truly understand the solution and also gives them the opportunity to ask questions on the part they don’t understand).
7.Have a question and answer session
8.Have them do the solution at full speed
9.Distribute notes

While this might seem like a lengthy process, once you get accustomed to it, it’s actually goes quite quickly.

The last part, is the distribution of notes. For some people this is extremely helpful while for others, it’s not helpful at all. In my experience, when I’m writing notes when someone is speaking, I tend to miss some of what they are saying. If someone hands me the notes in advance, I tend to read the notes instead of listening to the speaker. If I get to listen without having to take notes, it allows me to give my full attention to the speaker and then by getting the notes at the end, I can read through them afterwards and add any additional notes I feel are important. On the other hand, some people find they learn best by taking the notes themselves so giving people multiple options would be best.

It’s important to understand that just because you learn using one method doesn’t mean that everyone else does as well. If you only teach using one method, you will lose a lot of people.

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