Will you be taken down by a giant?

So often, I hear people talk about how companies such as Wal-Mart are destroying small businesses. The question I have is whether this is true for all small businesses or just the bad ones?

Wal-Mart carries soccer balls. However, if there is a local soccer store that sells quality soccer balls for a reasonable price and which has employees who understand the right ball for the right customer, they will continue to sell products because a good number of customers want expertise and for the most part, Wal-Mart doesn’t provide this type of expertise.

Wal-Mart carries hardware but if a local hardware store can provide the expertise needed for the do it yourselfer, they will continue to make sales because Wal-Mart employees typically doesn’t have the expertise that can be provided by good hardware stores.

Wal-Mart might carry rugs but they can’t provide the expertise of installation that a specialist can.

There are many things Wal-Mart can provide but if you are really good in what you do, even if you sell a commodity they also sell, you can continue to survive and prosper if you can also provide some expertise in your field.

The alternative is to complain and struggle.

You can substitute many other companies for Wal-Mart in these examples. Many people complain about these big companies but those companies providing excellent customer service and providing an expertise not currently offered by the bigger companies will continue to flourish

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