Where is the research?

What I’m going to write is going to sound contra to what most of us have been taught.

“If you wait for the research to be done in order to make your decisions, you will always be behind the times.”

The common belief is to make sure all of the research supports your beliefs before you put them into action. In theory, this helps to insure success and if there isn’t success, it’s a good way to cya because even if things don’t work well, research will back you.

The problem is, if you always wait for the research to justify something, you will also always be behind the true leaders.

Google didn’t wait for the research to show that pay per click advertising would work on on a large scale (they weren’t the first to use PPC but were the first to do it at that magnitude).

Apple didn’t wait for the research to say selling songs the way they do would work (the research didn’t exist for selling using that model at that scale).

Alexander Graham Bell didn’t wait for the research to say that the telephone would change the way we communicate.

Rinus Michels didn’t wait to see how successful others would be with “Total Soccer”, instead he developed the belief and revolutionized the way soccer was played.

It is possible to not be first to market and still succeed. Microsoft was not first to market with Internet Explorer but not many of us have their resources to overtake a market leader such as the Netscape browser.

Those who wait for all research to be in before taking action are those who will always be behind the curve. Those in the forefront are those who will be the true leaders (and many times, the true successes!)

Have a great day!


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