What if you changed your business model?

Many companies have been operating the same way for years because it’s the way they always have operated. Since it worked 10 years ago, it will work now.

What if you truly rethought your entire business and redesigned the business model?

As an example, what if you ran a web design firm and gave the sites away for free? While that might not seem like a very effective business model, what if the sites were free but they had to be hosted with your hosting company (if don’t have a hosting company, maybe you should). If the sites are well designed, people will continue to use them for years and will continue to pay the monthly hosting.

What if a Realtor didn’t work on commission but rather was charging on an hourly rate?

What if a restaurant that serves spicy foods, gave the food away for free but charged more for drinks?

What if a hotel offered to rent rooms for 24 hours instead of from 3 PM to 11 AM? So if a person checks in at 7 PM their checkout would be 7 PM the next day?

What is a dry cleaner offered a retainer service? They would have some guaranteed income and people would do a better job of keeping their clothes maintained.

What if a clothing store offered a rental service (they do it for tuxedos so why not suits, formal gowns etc)?

There are just some random ideas. Why not take some time and really give some thought to where your industry is going and see if you can create a more effective business model

Have a great day!


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