The need for community

People typically flourish when around like minded people. This is why many cities will have small pockets within them. These pockets might be based on nationality (there might be an Italian community and a Polish community and a Mexican community etc), interests (it’s common for there to be an artists area in cities) as well as industry (automobile dealerships tend to be in the same area as well as technology parks being clustered together).

So what does this mean for you?

First, when you hit a roadblock (and let’s be honest here, at some point, we all hit some roadblocks when it comes to work), being around people with common issues is frequently a great way to overcome these roadblocks. Being around people who have encountered these same problems will allow you access to information you might not have on your own. Also, being in a community of like minded people will allow you to collaborate on things that you might be able to do on your own.

Secondly, if you want to think really big, look around the area you live and see what community might need a location. Then look to see if there is an area that would work for them. Is there not an artist community around you but there are random artists in the area? Why not look at opening a combination gallery/studio? Is there a need for international fresh foods? Look at creating one. In other words, look for a community in need of space and space in need of a community and combine the two for a true win/win/win

Most people will be more successful within a community and many aren’t even aware of the communities they are part of. Understanding communities can open up some great opportunities.

Have a great day!


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