Owners and managers of businesses want loyalty from their employees as well as their customers. Some will go so far as to demand loyalty from their employees.

What these people don’t understand is loyalty isn’t demanded. Loyalty isn’t given. Loyalty isn’t associated with a title. Loyalty isn’t transferred from someone else.

Loyalty is EARNED.

Loyalty goes two ways.

Loyalty takes a long time to earn and a short time to lose.

If you want loyalty from your employees, start by showing loyalty to your employees. Realize they will make mistakes, they will make bad decisions, they will screw up. It’s in these times that you get to truly demonstrate your loyalty towards them.

Do you get rid of a person for making an honest mistake?

Do you scream at an employee in front of their coworkers or the customers?

Do you try to figure out how to get the most out of them and reward them with the least possible compensation?

If you want loyalty from your customers, start by showing them loyalty.

Do you reward new customers and not old customers (free trials, free bonuses etc to new customers).

Do you keep cutting back on services while continuing to raise prices?

Do you isolate yourself from the customers so if they have a problem or question, they get shuffled from underling to underling?

Before you ask for loyalty from anyone else, start by demonstrating loyalty towards them. You will find you will never need to ask because in most cases, it will be reciprocated in kind.

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