Be Specific

Because we live in such a rushed society we frequently don’t feel we have the time to be specific in our communications. Because of this, we end up spending more time then we should trying to figure out what went wrong then if we had taken the time to communicate effectively in the first place.

We could be much more effective and efficient with specific requests and instructions.

If you go to a doctor and say “I don’t feel well”, that doesn’t give them much to work on. They have to start asking for specifics because otherwise they don’t know if you have an upset stomach or a broken leg.

If you go to a Realtor and say “I want to buy a house” that doesn’t give them much to work on. They have to start asking about location, price range, size etc.

If you go to a computer programmer and say “the program doesn’t work correctly” they don’t know what exactly isn’t working properly without many follow ups.

The more specific you are in the first place, the quicker and more effectively you will get a resolution.

If you don’t have time to be specific with your initial requests, how are you going to have time to do all the follow up communications in order to get the specifics later on? I have found the more specific in the beginning the less confusion and communication later on

Have a great day!


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