Are you honest?

Do you think there are degrees of honesty? If someone robs a bank, are they less honest than someone who only robs a convenience store?

If you feel the bank robber and the convenience store robber are both dishonest, what about the shop lifter? Are they less dishonest?

Most people would agree that these are all the acts of dishonest people. However, are there other degrees of dishonesty or honesty?

If you hide income from your business partner, your spouse or the government are you an honest person?

As a youth soccer coach, if you teach your players how to grab the opponents shirt in order to slow them down, are you an honest person?

Many people have been to a restaurant or shop and when they go to pay, if the bill is more than it should be, they are quick to point it out. However, do they do the same if the bill is less than it should be? If you knowingly pay less than you should, are you an honest person?

If you want your children to be honest, or your employees to be honest or the people around you to be honest, shouldn’t you get it started yourself?

So the question is, are you truly honest or just when it suits you?

Have a great day!


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