A waste of time

A writer without an outline usually is just wasting time

A programmer who doesn’t use flowcharts usually is just wasting time.

A scientist who doesn’t plan ahead usually is just wasting time.

A football coach without a playbook usually is just wasting time.

A person running a meeting without an agenda usually is just wasting time.

The sad thing is, few writers work without an outline, few programmers work without a flowchart, few scientists work without a plan, few football coaches work without a playbook but many people running meetings work without an agenda.

The person running a meeting without an agenda is wasting peoples time. The person running a meeting with an agenda but who isn’t sharing the agenda is being both a time waster as well as being selfish.

When running a meeting, do the right thing. Set an agenda, distribute it as soon as possible and get the most out of your meetings. The alternatives simply aren’t worth it.

Personally, I always want there to be an agenda in any meeting I’m involved in. However, if you give me a choice between being involved in a meeting with no agenda at all, or one where there is an agenda but it hasn’t been shared, I’ll choose the one with no meeting at all. It will be a complete waste of time but usually because the people running the meeting didn’t know any better. The meetings where the leader has an agenda but doesn’t share it ahead of time usually is because they have some ulterior motive and by controlling the agenda they try to control the information and the outcome. I can accept people not knowing better but the selfish manipulative meetings are the ones that are completely unacceptable.

Set an agenda, share it and good things will come from your meetings

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