You have changed, do people know?

People and organizations are constantly changing. They pick up new skills, build up their portfolio, change their priorities etc. The question you must ask yourself is, does anyone know about these changes?

If your organization has added a new division, what are you doing to let your current (and potentially future) clients know? If you have gone to school to further your education, what are you doing to let people know (whether they are future employers or clients)?

If you have changed and no one knows, does it really matter? The obvious answer to that is YES it does! If you have new talents, new experience and new opportunities you will most likely feel better about yourself. However, if you are trying to expand your business or business opportunities, you must let others know.

People (and organizations) don’t want to seem like they are bragging but without letting people know about your changes (and hopefully your improvements) you are limiting yourself.

Whether it’s sending an email, mailing a press release or something else, it’s important to let people know your gains.

I realize i’s difficult to do but if you want to grow as an individual or organization, you must be willing to share your updates with others

Have a great day!


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