The only person you should lie to…is yourself

Life is much more manageable when the only thing you have to remember is the truth. If you tell different lies to different people, you need to keep each lie straight and make sure you don’t tell the wrong story to the wrong group. It’s much easier to simply tell all the truth.

The one person it is sometimes acceptable to lie to is yourself. If you are in a bad mood, lie to yourself and tell yourself you feel GREAT! If you have a long day of work in front of you and aren’t looking forward to it, lie to yourself and tell yourself you are LOOKING FORWARD to the long day and you are happy about it.

A positive attitude can take you far in this world and sometimes, to get to the positive attitude, it does require you to fool yourself, in the beginning.

It’s really only a partial lie because while you might be telling yourself it’s a great day when you don’t think it really is, in a very short period of time, it will be a great day. If you get laid off from your company and you tell yourself it’s a great opportunity, at that very moment, it might not seem to be, but in a short period of time, it will be.

Be truthful with others and until you develop a truly positive attitude, be willing to fool yourself in the beginning.

Have a great day!


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