The art of negotiating

Many people, when they get involved in a negotiation, will dig their heals in and not want to concede anything. Since they see a negotiation as a “win/lose” scenario, they see anything they concede as a win for the other side.

One solution some suggest is to ask for something you really don’t want so when it’s time to “concede something” you concede something you didn’t really care about in the first place. The logic in doing this is that by conceding something you don’t care about, the other side will have to concede something as well, and it most likely would be something they will care about. This would mean, in a true win/lose scenario, you give up something you didn’t want in the first place, they give up something they did want so therefore you are “winning”.

Instead of using this “game playing” technique, why not, instead of giving up something you don’t care about, give them something they do care about? By doing this, you care changing from an adversarial negotiation to a cooperative negotiation and will most likely end up with a better deal for all.

As an example, if you are looking to sell a house and have an interested buyer. You want $250,000 for your house and they are offering $230,000. Some sellers might offer to include appliances or a new paint job knowing that they don’t want to take the appliances with them or that they have some extra paint from another house. An alternative would be to figure out what is keeping the buyer from offering more and working from there. They might be worried about the cost of moving their belongings across country or the cost of putting things in temporary storage. If you can find real issues and then help them find a way around these issues, you will be able to get to a better resolution. It might be something as simple as providing some storage space (if you have some available) to make it easier on the buyer. Or, you might have a relationship with a mover and be able to help them arrange a better deal than they could get on their own.

By finding ways to help the other side, you will help them get a better deal than they initially thought possible while also ending up with a better deal yourself.

The alternative is to continue to to try to “beat” the other side and continue to have both sides lose

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