It’s all about the facts!

Many of us only want to deal with the black and white issues of facts. The less we address the gray issues (usually dealing more with opinions or interpretations) the happier we are.

The problem is….facts change!

The world is FLAT … this was thought to be a fact but in reality was an incorrect opinion.

Man evolved from apes (some will argue this is indisputably true, others are convinced it’s fault, both sides feel their side is fact)

There are many examples of “facts” that after much research have proven to be not true at all. So if the only thing you take into consideration are facts, how do you know your facts are actually accurate?

You could go to wikipedia but there is nothing to guarantee those postings are correct.

You could go to a search engine and search for your answer but anyone can create a web site that may or may not be accurate.

You could ask experts but there are numerous examples of experts being proven wrong.

While it’s good to have as many facts as possible, keep in mind that the gray frequently is quite accurate as well. Allow for peoples interpretations and their misinterpretations. Open your mind, go with your gut and realize what you think is fact might be proven to be just another misleading opinion so don’t just take someones word for things, actually think about it yourself and make an educated conclusion on your own

Facts are wonderful but they aren’t always what they might seem

Have a great day!


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