If you had to start over again, would you?

If you lost your job, or you lost your business, or you lost your house, would you start over again?

If you have been an accountant for many years and were to suddenly lose your job, would you look for another accounting position or would you see this as an opportunity to do something different?

If you have been a Realtor and sales weren’t being made due to the economy or for some other reason, would you find a new way to sell houses or would you look to enter a different field.

If your house burned down and you had to rebuild from scratch, would you build the same house in the same location?

If the answer to these questions are “no I wouldn’t start over doing the same thing” than should you ask yourself whether you should be doing those things in the first place? If being an accountant doesn’t make you happy, find something different. If selling houses really isn’t your thing, find what your thing is. If the house that you live in isn’t what you really want, figure out a way to get what you really want.

Many people, when forced into change, find that what they have been doing for years doesn’t really make them happy. For example, the person who loses their job, starts a new career and realizes they have spent a great deal of time in their previous career doing thing that made them unhappy.

If the main reason you continue doing what you always have done is because it’s what you always have done, consider taking a chance, make a change and do something that makes you happy.

You don’t have to wait for someone else to force the change, take the initiative and do the right thing.

Have a great day!


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