If what you are promoting works, why aren’t you using it?

Every day, I receive emails (spam) from various groups saying that they can increase my business significantly by getting my web site to the top of the search engines through “legal, white hat methods”.

If they were so good at what they claim to be able to do, why wouldn’t they use these talents to get their own companies web site to the top of the search engines rather than sending illegal spam?

Recently I saw a post on a marketing forum from a marketer saying he was real good at his job but he needed help getting new clients. If he were so good as a marketer, shouldn’t he be able to promote his own services? If he can’t promote his own services, why would you expect he could promote someone else’s services?

Too often, people want to charge for their services teaching others how to do things when the reality is, they don’t know how to do these things themselves. Until you are good at what you do, you shouldn’t be charging others for your services. Does this mean the basketball coach has to be a great basketball player before he should be allowed to coach? No. But it does mean this coach should have some mastery of the techniques and tactics as well as the ability to teach them

Take the time to truly learn the skills needed to be good at something before you offer your services to someone else. Short term, it might not be beneficial but long term, it will pay off well

Have a great day!


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