Do you have the right resources?

What resources do you need to get your job done?

Have you have ever really given some thought to what would be needed to get your job done properly?

Would a faster computer make a big difference?

If you had video conferencing equipment, would that allow you to be more efficient?

Would additional helpers speed the process up dramatically?

Would greater education allow you do the job quicker and better?

If you really give this a great deal of thought you can come up with a list of resources that would genuinely allow you to do your job better (this list needs to be a real list and not a “what would be cool to have list”).

Next, you have to figure out how to get these resources.

If you occasionally need a faster computer for some intensive programming, is there a place locally to rent usage of computers by the hour?

If you occasionally need video conferencing equipment, is there a Kinkos (correct name is FedEx Office but in my mind it will always be Kinkos) convenient with video conferencing equipment you can use by the hour? Or is there a conference center that might have this equipment available for rent?

If additional helpers would speed up the process, might temporary workers be affordable? Or, have you considered contacting the local university and looking into creating an internship program that could prove to be a win/win for all involved?

If greater education is the answer, have you considered looking at the local university or finding classes online that you could take?

In many instances, the only reason you can’t get access to these resources is the lack of thought and lack of creativity in finding ways to get the resources in an affordable way.

Rather than complaining about a lack of resources, go out and find a way to get the resources, you will be surprised by how far a little ingenuity will take you.

Have a great day!


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