Delegating is good but…

In order to grow your organization, it’s important to understand how to delegate tasks. Frequently, business owners/entrepreneurs start off doing EVERYTHING. They are the marketing department, the bookkeeping, the maintenance the operations etc. As their business grows, they need to bring other people in to do some of these tasks otherwise they will limit their potential for growth.

These managers who are successful will hire talented individuals who specialize in these areas.

The danger is, when you delegate entire department responsibilities to others is to get disconnected from the process.

This might mean you no longer know what marketing is doing or it might mean you lose all control of operations or it might mean you simply lose the connection with your business.

As an example, if you own a McDonalds franchise, it would make sense to occasionally work the counter to see what your employees are dealing with on a regular basis. You might think you know what they are dealing with because you used to do it yourself but the reality is, things change. Get-behind that counter sometimes and really do it. Not only will it re-aquaint you with the procedures but also with your customers.

If you run a camp, be at the front of the line occasionally during registration.

If you are an attorney involved in a class action law suit, spend some time with the plaintiffs rather than only dealing with the big picture.

As the owner or manager of a business, it’s important to deal with the big picture issues of your organization in order to continue to grow. To do this, it requires delegation and a good staff. However, it’s important to occasionally get your hands dirty doing the day to day operations in order to keep proper controls.

Some people get to the point where they think they are ‘too good’ to do the ‘dirty work’. Those people usually aren’t good enough

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