Cliques develop naturally but take extra effort to break

Many times, within large groups, small cliques develop. It could be because of common interests, common hatreds or sometimes because the thing they have in common is they all have nothing in common with the rest of the group.

While cliques develop quite naturally (in most cases), they can cause a great deal of problems for the group as a whole.

If the leaders don’t recognize the clique early and work to make sure no damage is caused by them (sometime directly but more often indirectly) then it frequently gets to the point where it’s almost unsalvageable.

Frequently, these cliques develop because they want to feel part of a group and for whatever reason they don’t feel part, initially, of the larger group. This is why it’s so important to recognize the situation early. If you, as the leader, can recognize the minor discontent early, you can get them integrated with the larger group and prevent future problems.

These cliques frequently develop quite innocently but often end up causing major problems. Identifying them early and determining what is the reason behind these cliques forming is the first step to preventing them from developing or eliminating them once they develop.

It does require recognizing their development, understanding the problems that can result from them and some effort to get them integrated into the bigger group but this extra effort is well worth it, in the long run

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