One person can make a difference

Too often, people don’t do anything because they don’t believe they can get the support of many others. They spend a great deal of time, energy, thought and planning trying to figure out how to get support but when they realize there isn’t as much support as they would like, they stop and go on to something else.

The great leaders realize that one person can make a difference.

Martin Luther King Jr didn’t wait till he had a lot of support before he became involved in the civil rights movement.

Mother Teresa didn’t politic for supporters before she decided to help others.

Rosa Parks didn’t try to organize thousands to not give up their seat.

While it’s nice to have the support of many, the reality is, if you start on a good cause, others will follow. If you try to get the followers first, you will most likely fail.

You don’t need to do something big. Rather than trying to change the world, change one small part.

If you are walking down the street and see a piece of garbage on the ground, pick it up and throw it out. Do it enough times and others will start to follow.

Rather than trying to get everyone else to use recycled products, start doing it yourself. Once others see that it doesn’t have a negative impact on them and does have a positive impact on others, they will start to follow.

You don’t need to feed all of the hungry, start with one.

Many of the people who ended up truly making a difference in the world, started small and then others followed. The dreamers who want to start big…never start at all!

Have a great day!


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