It’s not one or the other

As managers, whether of a business, sports team, family or of life, we have to make decisions regarding out management style.

Some people choose the militaristic style “it’s my way or the highway”, “just do what I say” etc.

Others choose a more democratic style, “let’s talk about it and come to a consensus).

Others choose to allow their underlings to make mistakes and to learn from these mistakes.

The problem many managers run into is to think they have to choose one style or the other. An alternative is to utilize a combined style that encompasses the best of each style.

As an example, recently I was working at a soccer camp and wanted the goalkeepers I was training to know how to warm up properly. I could have ran them through a warm up each day to make sure they did it the right way. I could have allowed them to get together and allow them to meet to create a consensus of the best way to warm up. I could have let them warm up on their own and allowed them to learn from their own mistakes.

Instead, I created a warm up program for the group, showed them step by step how to use the program the first session. The second session, when they got to the field, I told them start warming up using the system I had shown them previously. One person usually assumed the leadership role and when that person had a question, others would chime in, The next session, I didn’t say anything at all and let them initiate their own warm up. They were a bit slow to get started but that was part of the learning process.

By the end of the week, they would get to the field, warm up on their own (still using the same program I showed them earlier on) and were warmed up (both better and earlier then the other groups).

The key was to combine the best of all worlds. I show them how to do it, then allow them to do it as a group and then allow them to do it on their own.

They get the opportunity to learn, to be leaders and to be independent,

Look to utilize a combination of all three techniques when coaching and good things will happen.

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