If you only had 10 potential customers…

If there were only 10 potential customers for your product or service how would you treat them?

My guess is you would go out of your way to provide what they were looking for. You would take customer service to the highest possible level and do everything you could to keep them satisfied.

What would happen if you treated all of your customers this way?

If you run a store and treated each of the people who walked in your door as truly special, how much more effective would that be?

If all of your potential customers were treated as true VIP’s it might increase your expenses some but chances are, your revenues would go up exponentially!

Have a great day!

PS Read what Randy Hanson has to say about the book 11+10=1 “I am a voracious reader consuming books of all kinds to help with my own and my teams education.  I have also always been a big believer in the life lessons that are learned through athletics that help players develop life skills for the future.  The interesting distinction in the book 11+10=1, by Lawrence Fine, is the idea that teaching life lessons to your players will make them more successful and have a better experience NOW.  A quick, interesting read that just might help my teams be more successful?  I can’t think of a better combination of benefits for both coaches and teams.
Randy Hanson
Head Women’s Soccer Coach, University of Puget Sound
Founder:  www.soundsoccer.com 

To learn more please go to http://lawrencefine.com/sales.php

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