Has your industry changed?

Many industries have changed in recent years. As an example, years ago, if you wanted to take a trip, you might go to a travel agent, have them find the best airfares, hotels and tourist destinations and book everything through them. Now, you can simply go online to a site such as expedia.com, priceline.com, hotwire.com (my favorite) and book everything yourself.

If you wanted to buy a book, you had to take a trip to the local book store, search for the book in the stacks and make the purchase in person. Now, you can go online to a site such as amazon.com and order online (and even with shipping, it’s frequently cheaper).

When it was time to do your taxes, you met with your accountant or, you went to a tax preparer. Now, you can use any number of software programs to do it yourself.

Does this mean that travel agents, book stores and accountants are going out of business? Not at all, those that are smart are adapting with their industry and modifying their businesses to adjust to the changes.

The two problems organizations have is when they don’t recognize that their industry has changed and even when they do recognize the change, when they don’t adapt accordingly.

Has your industry changed? (if your answer is “no” most likely you are WRONG). Have you changed accordingly? (if the answer is “no” there is a good chance you will be looking for a new industry shortly).

Have a great day!


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