Ask yourself, Why am I afraid?

As you can probably tell by many of my posts, I’m a big proponent of taking chances, making changes and being proactive. For many people, it’s hard to take a chance, it’s hard to make a change, it’s hard to be proactive.

The question is, what is stopping you from doing these things?

It’s easy to explain why you don’t take risks. As an example, if you are deciding whether to do a new marketing campaign, a big reason not to do so would be “it might fail”. Another reason not to do so would be “it costs a lot”.

The reality is, the thing that prevents one from doing something usually isn’t the risk of failure. People overcome failure all the time (and in many peoples views, failure isn’t a negative anyway). More often then not, the risk of failure isn’t the reason people don’t do something, it’s the risk that people will see them as a failure.

The loss of the money isn’t usually the big issue for not doing the marketing campaign, it’s the risk that others will think they squandered the money.

If your reason for not doing something is legitimate (using the above example it might be that the possible reward for the new marketing campaign wont justify the huge risks when compared to another campaign) that is fine. However, if the reason for not doing something is primarily because you are concerned with the perception of failure then you need to redirect your thinking.

People don’t care how many versions of the iPhone it took before Apple succeeded with the current version. People don’t care how many versions of a boat were created before the latest and greatest super yacht was built.

The people who have created some of the greatest creations knew the risks involved, knew that others might see them as failures if it didn’t work but were willing to keep trying.

The difference between them and many of us is while they knew what they were working on might not work (especially at first), they were willing to look past the initial failures and kept their eye on their goals.

When trying to decide whether to do something and you find yourself afraid, ask yourself, “why am I afraid?” If it’s for a valid reason then don’t do it. However, if the primary reason for the fear is the perception others might have, ask yourself, if this is something you really want to hold yourself back from achieving great things?

Those who are afraid of looking bad in front of others usually don’t have to worry because chances are, no one really cares what they are doing. If you are afraid to fail, don’t worry about the risks of success….you wont have any.

When making decisions, keep asking yourself “why am I afraid?” It will help you make much better decisions

Have a great day!

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