42 Yard Sprint

One of the things football coaches test for their potential players is their 40 yard sprint time. I have no idea why it’s 40 yards and not 30 or 50 but for some reason, they have chosen to test their players over 40 yards.

If you watch a lot of inexperienced runners you will see them start to slow down near the finish line which results in them getting a slower time than they could/should have

More experienced runners know to sprint through the finish line and only then start to slow down. So instead of sprinting 39 yards and getting a slower time, they sprint 42 yards and get a better time in the 40.

Sadly, many businesses do the same thing. Right before the finish line, they start to slow down. This might be a case of not following up with proper paper work after an intense period of negotiations. It might mean skipping minor details because you are tired right before an event is scheduled to start.

An example would be the Realtor who spends months showing a client various houses and when the client finally finds the house they want to purchase, the Realtor starts concentrating on the NEXT client and doesn’t submit the offer to the seller on time.

Another example would be the athletic coach who spends months recruiting an athlete and when they verbally commit, they ignore that player and concentrate on others. By ending the recruiting process before it’s finalized (signed), they are stopping short of the finish line.

Rather than sprinting up toward the finish line and slowing down right before you reach it, sprint all the way through the finish line and you will be much more successful.

It’s easier to only sprint 39 yards of a 40 yard race but the person who sprints 42 yards will be the one more successful in the long run

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