Visualization Part 2

Many of us suffer from occasional bouts with anxiety or depression or other temporary periods that result in emotional discomfort. As an example, when I have to do any form of public speaking, I get extremely nervous. For years, I simply avoided all forms of public speaking however in the past few years, not only did I stop avoiding those types of situation, I went out of my way to create some. I stil get nervous (which might be the understatement of the year) but through the use of visualization, I can quickly calm down to the point where I’m considered to be quite good in these situations these days.

Before I explain how I use visualization to quickly change my emotional state, please understand, the most important thing to do is be prepared (or in my case, I prefer to over prepare so I can be prepared for any situation that might arise. Even if you go into a situation relaxed, you will get stressed out (for good reason) as soon as you realize you are unprepared, so step one is to prepare for almost any situation that might arise.

Once you are prepared and are starting to suffer from these anxious moments, close your eyes and picture yourself in a situation you find relaxing. If you find the beach relaxing, picture yourself walking along the beach enjoying the experience. When you can picture yourself in that environment, you will quickly relax as if you are actually at the beach, If you find it relaxing hiking in the mountains, picture yourself doing that and you will get the same result.

The great thing about this technique is it literally only takes a few seconds and works every time.

Not only can this be done to relax but you can also use this for other purposes as well. If you are experiencing a lack of confidence before a sales pitch, close your eyes and picture yourself doing something that reminds you of a successful experience.

The key to visualization is it requires you to not just picture the situation but to be able to picture yourself in that situation. So it’s not good enough to just visualize the beach, you must visualize yourself at the beach. Put yourself in the picture and it truly works.

It’s difficult to make others to practice visualization because if they don’t believe, it doesn’t work. However, for those who believes, it can help you do tremendous things!

Have a great day!


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