Temporary does not lead to permanent

I was walking past a store the other day (it’s been open for over a month) and they have a temporary banner up instead of a real sign and the shelving in the store was very makeshift.

I went into the store and looked around (the presentation inside the store didn’t provide a warm feeling at all) and the owner struck up a conversation with me. I asked if they were still waiting on their signs and her response was “no, we are waiting to see if the store becomes popular before spending money on signage and decor”.

In other words, she is waiting for customers to make a commitment to her store before she is willing to make a commitment to the store. As a potential customer, I had no confidence at all that this store was going to survive. The temporary approach she was taking will most likely prevent any possibility of permanent success.

If you want others to take you seriously, you must first take yourself seriously.

Look temporary and be temporary. Look permanent and you will increase your chances of being permanent.

By the way, I didn’t buy anything from that store I walked into….I figure I might buy from the next store that is in it’s place.

Have a great day!


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