Sometimes you should just say no!

So many of us have huge demands coming from many different directions. Everything from friends and family obligations to work requirements to charitable requests. The more we say yes to things, the worse it gets.

The problem is, we are afraid to say no because we think we might be letting someone down or hurting someones feelings.

The reality is, the more over committed we are, the more we are letting people down. Many of us have so many obligations and commitments that we end up doing a poor job with them all.

There comes a point where we just need to say “NO”

No we can’t be a member of that committee.

No we can’t donate to yet another charity.

No we can’t attend yet another work related dinner.

No we can’t take on yet another project.

While you might think saying no is a sign of weakness, you will actually find that it takes a great deal of strength to say no to something.

Sometimes the options are being on 5 committees and not doing a good job on any of them because of a lack of time, or being on 1 committee and doing a great job because you have the time and focus for that one issue.

Rather than get to the point of not being able to do anything well, just say NO!

Have a great day!


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