When competing (and let’s be honest, we all compete at something whether it’s in sport, in business or in life), there are three reasons we might not win.

The smallest percentage of losses is the result of it just not working out. As an example, two even competitors are competing and one of them has to lose. You didn’t do anything wrong in this case, sometimes, it just happens.

The Bigger percentage is because the opponent is simply better than you. It might be the case of them being bigger, stronger, faster or smarter but most of the time you compete against these people, you will lose. There is nothing to be ashamed of when when losing in this type of competition because we almost all have someone we simply don’t match up well against.

Sadly, the BIGGEST percentage of losses is our own fault. Everything from lack of preparation to poor mental attitude. The reason this is so sad is the BIGGEST percentage of our losses is in the one category we can control.

The good news is…..the biggest percentage of our failures are within our control! Short term, it’s difficult to get much bigger stronger or faster but we can control our preparation, we can control out attitude, we can control our discipline.

The even better news is when we start taking responsibility for our own actions, not only will this BIGGEST category get much smaller but the small category (which some would call unlucky) will also get smaller. This is tied into the golfer who, after making a great chip shot and someone tells him it was a lucky shot responds, “it’s amazing but the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get!”

No matter how much you prepare and how much your attitude improves, with very few exceptions, we all will have some encounters with opponents we don’t match well against (the Bigger group). However, we can significantly lower the size of the BIGGEST and the small groups and this will result in much greater success, whether on a field, court or in boardroom. So much will simply depend on whether you really want to win or whether you simply say you want to win (there is a BIG difference).

Have a great day!


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