Sell the product not the deal

Too often, I see advertising where the big emphasis is on the deal and not the product? In these ads, you see things like “No Money Down”, “50% off”, “No payments till 2010”, “$2000 rebate” etc

There are two problems when companies place such a big emphasis on selling the deal instead of the product.

The first problem is, once you start, it’s very difficult to stop. Once you start offering these deals, the customers expect them forever and if you take them away, they will wait till the deal is offered again. To see a prime example, look back at car advertising over the years. So many have the big emphasis on the deal and it’s put them in a position where they can’t lower the price because if they lower the price, they lose money due to the deal. So the sticker price becomes a joke and in the long run, there is a credibility issue (how many times have you heard people talk about how they bought their car of $X below sticker as if that meant they got a good deal?)

The second problem is if such a big emphasis is put on the deal, what does that say about the product? When I think of Volvo, I don’t think of rebates or good financing, I think of cars that are safe. They might cost a bit more (I don’t know if they do or not) but if you are concerned about safety, they come to mind.

If you are proud of your product, sell the product not the deal. If you aren’t proud of your product…get a better product

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