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11+10=1 How the Addition of 10 Principles in Life Turned 11 Players into 1 Team

The book 11 + 10 = 1: How the Addition of 10 Principles in Life Turned 11 Players into 1 Team by Lawrence G Fine is now available. Regularly priced at $17.95 the book can currently be purchased for $9.95. Better yet, you can order three copies or more for only $5 a copy!

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Walter Bahr – Member US Soccer Hall Of Fame and former captain US Men’s Soccer Team
Lawrence Fine’s 10 principles in life is another way of looking for success in soccer and in life.

I usually evaluate players and teams by their strengths and weaknesses on the field. After reading “11 + 10 = 1” ,we should consider another approach to judge talent. More importantly this philosophy is a blue-print for life in general and should be the ultimate goal of coaches,players and parents.

I recommend this book because for many the only goal is winning. There is more to success in soccer and in life as illustrated by Lawrence Fine.

Enrique (Rick) Meana – Director of Coaching New Jersey Youth Soccer:
If you have never read anything Lawrence Fine has written you have been missing something quite special; lessons that are applicable to any of life’s circumstances. The book 11+10=1 How the Addition of 10 Principles in Life Turned 11 Players into 1 Team is no different. In my opinion, it is one of his finest works! Once I started in on the first chapter I could not put it down. It was captivating, inspiring, and above all revealing–I could easily identify with its message both as a coach and as a former player. This well crafted story filled with the quotes and factual accounts of famous people both in sports and other arenas, should be on the list of required reading for anyone thinking of becoming a youth coach because at the heart of leadership before addressing the X’s and O’s is integrity, authenticity and vision–at least that is what I am sure Jack Mystery would say…

Russ Rose – Head Women’s Volleyball Coach Penn State University (two time defending national champions):
The lessons taught in 11+10=1 work in soccer, in volleyball and in life. It’s what I try to teach my players as well as my own children. The principles taught by Jack Mystery (and Lawrence Fine) will lead to success on a field, on a court, or in the game of life

Steve Malone – Past President National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA):
Lawrence Fine has used a soccer setting to teach life skills and values. The once-powerful, but now struggling Eagertown 11 has been embarrassed by the Incredibles, a world-class soccer team. An elderly soccer fan, Jack Mystery, showed up used people from all walks of life as examples to teach the Eagertown team what it took to be a winner on the field. Mystery used such diverse people as Roberto Clemente, Chuck Wepner, Jackie Robinson, Thomas Edison, Wilma Rudolph, Mohandas Gandi, Lee Iacocca, and Lance Armstrong to teach the players that soccer skills were the smallest ingredient in building a winning team. He pointed out that the one thing each of these people had in common was that they experienced failure at some point along the way. The way they dealt with failure was what defined their success later in life. The lessons that Fine teaches are for anyone of any age. These principles are applicable in business as well as the sports world. The lessons in “11+10+1” are for everyone.

See how the following traits and characteristics are used to mold 11 individuals into 1 TEAM.
Success Traits!

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Sharon Seidler – Senior Vice President C&R Research:
Lawrence Fine’s “new math” book, 11+10=1, is the real thing. It is “the 1 book” that should be read by both student athletes and their parents. It is filled with life lessons that will inspire students both on and off the field (or court) and provides a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to start an important conversation about the importance of becoming a responsible citizen, in sports and in life. The examples Fine cites of famous people who, when under pressure, redoubled their efforts, are entertaining and illuminating. Like all good books written for young people, it is captivating for adults, as well. A must-read for student-athletes through middle school.

Zac Shaw – Head Women’s Soccer Coach University of Rhode Island:
The 11+10=1 Book is circulating through our team and it has been a smash hit. They LOVE IT. They swear it was written about our team here. Actually a couple of my players have asked if they could buy a copy! That has to be a good sign! Technique, tactics and athletic ability are only a part of what makes a player. I think your book has showed the team how special we can be, with just a slight change in our collective outlook and attitude towards what we are working towards.

Michael Yauch – Kelme North America :
This book by Lawrence Fine reflects Lawrence himself, interesting, inquisitive, always defining what is important, and sharing his thoughts to help or at the least begin discussions. The ten topics “traits” the story explores have value and need to be instilled in all of us and passed to the next generation. The final one to me is the keystone. Balance in our lives is sometimes difficult in the short run but will reap benefits always.

The minutes this book takes to read is a great investment of anyone’s time. I read it and shared it with another father/coach who had the same reaction. It is now being passed between his children. All the best to Lawrence, Jack and everyone who benefits by this book.

John Marklin – Owner, Marklin Financial Services, LLC
11+10=1 is a helpful book for any coach, teacher or leader trying to get the most out of a team. The 10 Learned Behaviors are to the point and backed up with interesting real life stories.


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