If you don’t know, SHUT UP!

Why are people convinced others want to hear their opinions on matters they know nothing about?

I’m not referring to things like politics or the weather (because lets be honest, if only people who truly understood either politics or the weather were allowed to speak on those subjects, it would be AWFULLY QUIET) but rather why do people comment upon products they have never experienced?

I was researching a product, trying to determine whether to try it or not (the product itself isn’t important but it deals with green living). The reviews were 60/40 in favor of the product which led me to question whether it would be worth purchasing. However, the more I read the reviews, the more I realized that the positive reviews were almost entirely people who had purchased the product while the negative reviews were almost all people who had NOT PURCHASED THE PRODUCT but didn’t think it would work.

If someone has purchased a product and had a positive or negative experience, I think that is extremely relevant. On the other hand, if you have never purchased the product and just assume it’s going to be wonderful or you assume it’s going to be awful, that is certainly your right but why would you share your uninformed views with others as if they are the gospel?

I realize there are exceptions (for example, a doctor might not have to try a medication to know it wont work if he is well educated on the ingredients) however, the general public should be more open minded when it comes to various products.

I’m not asking for censorship, just hoping that at some point, common sense will prevail and people will understand when their opinions should be kept to themselves.

Have a great day!


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