How you leave speaks volumes about you

The way you leave something will frequently be remembered in greater detail than the entire time you were there.

As an example, if you are renting an apartment and leave the apartment in terrible shape, that will be remembered much more than the fact you paid your rent on time each month. When your landlord is called as a reference, the thing that is going to be remembered is how badly you left the apartment.

The same is true with employment. If you leave a job, keep in mind the way you leave will be remembered long after you are gone. If you are leaving voluntarily, give proper notice (and understand that proper notice doesn’t always mean only 2 weeks, a lot depends upon the type of work you are involved with and many other factors). Not only should you give proper notice but actually do what you say. If you offer to stay for 2 weeks, put in an honest 2 weeks worth of work. Don’t slack off because you figure you wont have to deal with the ramifications long term. Also, understand that your employer might not want you there after you have given notice. The reasons for this could vary but include:

not wanting to risk you doing your job half way
not wanting someone around who doesn’t want to be there
not wanting to risk you “infecting” others and causing others to leave
not wanting you to take anything with you (physical or intellectual)

The thing to remember is that how you leave says a great deal about you. Leave with class, dignity and honor. Try not to burn any bridges, leave on good terms and try to be positive whenever possible.

There is a saying that the people you see on the way up the ladder will be the same people you see on the way back down so make sure you keep things as positive as possible and it will help in the long run.

Even if you don’t think there is any way you would need to work for that company again, remember that a former employer could potentially turn into a future client but only if you leave on good terms.

There is a temptation to want to tell your soon to be former boss off, to tell him where to go and what he can do but remember, while you think you are letting him know about him, you are really letting him know more about YOU.

Have a great day!

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