Don’t let the bastards win

If you have spent much time around terminal patients, one thing you hear occasionally is the advice/suggestion of “don’t let the bastard win”. This basically means to keep fighting, don’t give up and don’t let death prevail. The number of patients who have overcome apparently insurmountable odds is staggering and while there is no doubt that medical advances has played some part of it, the willingness to fight and win plays an even bigger part. At the same time, there are many others who, under the same circumstances, give up hope (let the bastard win) and die.

In the work environment, a similar concept applies. There are so many naysayers, so many know it alls, so many negative people and if you aren’t careful, you will allow them to wear you down. If you let this happen, you are letting the bastards win.

Frequently, these negative people aren’t trying to advance the organization. They aren’t trying to make things better. They aren’t trying to improve things

Instead, they are simply intent on wearing people down so that they can control things. In their mind, complete control of a bad thing is better than partial control of a good thing. Or, as is often the case, maintaining the status quo is more important than progress. Anyone trying to push for progress is one of “them” and they don’t want “them” to win!

My advice is, keep fighting, keep pushing and basically, don’t let the bastards win. Many times, they are willing to do almost everything within their power to prevent progress and they know, if they can stall long enough, in time, progress will fail and the status quo will prevail.

If you want to make a difference in your life, and care enough, be willing to fight and do whatever it takes to keep things going forward.

It’s easier to fight against progress than to embrace it because if you fight for progress and things don’t work out, you get blamed. If you fight against progress and things don’t work out you have the built in excuse of “that is the way we always did it”.

When something matters to you, don’t let the bastards win

Have a great day!


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