Do you develop people?

Many managers tell their people what to do, but don’t explain why it should be done. They work on the “need to know basis” and share just enough information to allow the person to perform their job but not enough for them to grow.

The reasons for limiting their employees include the following

Not knowing how to train people properly
This is the way they were taught and it worked for them so…
Fear of looking bad (if the employee can do it on their own, they fear they wont be needed)
Fear of losing the employee (they get trained so well, they get a better job elsewhere)

The only one of these that is acceptable is the first one. If a person doesn’t know how to train their employees properly, this could be corrected with proper training of the manager.

The manager who limits their employees development because that is how they were trained doesn’t realize how much they lost out on. While they might have risen to a certain level, they don’t realize they might have risen much higher and much quicker if they had been trained differently.

The manager who is afraid of looking bad…doesn’t realize this fear is causing them to look bad. In evaluating a manager, one of the things that should be looked at is the development of the people underneath them. By not wanting to look bad, it’s making the manager look bad.

The manager who is afraid of losing employees is actually a selfish manager who will most likely lose employees for many other reasons instead. Some of the ways managers make sure their employees don’t get hired away is to provide poor training, hire weak people, take credit for their employees work. Each of these will inevitably result in high turnover so if turnover is somewhat inevitable you might as well do things that are best for the organization and best for the individual. In this case, it’s the same thing.

A true leader will set as one of their goals the objective of helping each person they touch to become a better employee and a better person. Anything else is shortchanging the people you are leading and the organization.

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