Big talent comes with big egos

In order to do big things, it requires a big belief in order to overcome the naysayers. While others are afraid of failure, the truly talented are willing to take chances others are not, in order to do something truly remarkable.

While these people who are willing and able to do the remarkable are invaluable to an organization, the truth is they do come with baggage. As great a player as Michael Jordon was for the Chicago Bulls, while he was responsible for many wins and many championships, dealing with someone of that level brings problems as well. In order to be that successful on the court required a large ego and while some might not feel it’s worth it, others understand that the rewards (in this case the championships) were worth the risks.

Are you willing to have people in your organization who have big talent but also big egos OR are you more concerned about maintaining a harmonious environment at the risk of losing the big talents?

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