Are you using your business card effectively?

Recently, I was reading a discussion on the value of business cards. Some find them to be extremely valuable while others find them obsolete in today’s digital age.

The question that comes to mind is whether we use business cards properly. I might have the worlds most boring business card. It has my name, address, web address, phone number and email address. It has a small border around it and that’s about it. It doesn’t have a tag line, doesn’t describe what I do, just the basic facts. It’s a true provider of contact information and nothing else. It works for me because I don’t use it to drum up business, I don’t go to conferences and conventions to try to make new contacts etc. I use it simply when a current contact needs some additional information, The only thing remarkable about my business card is how unremarkable it is. Frequently, it becomes a topic of conversation as people take a second look to see what they missed.

However, if I were in the sales side of things, my card would be extremely ineffective. I see a lot of cards these days with the persons picture, tag line and other colors. I see different types of surfaces, different background etc. The question is, are you using your business card to market the correct thing?

As an example, if I’m giving a speech on the success pyramid and a person comes up to me afterwards asking for my contact information, rather than giving them my generic business card, would it not make sense to give them a business card that has the cover of my new book on one side and my contact information on the other? Or if a realtor is showing a high end home, wouldn’t it make sense to have a specific business card for that house? On one side of the card would be a picture of the house and on the other side, would be the realtors contact information.

You could even go so far as to customize a card for a specif potential client. With a graphics program, you could put their logo and your logo side by side on the front of the card and your contact information and a tag line on the back. Some might see this as being a bit presumptuous but it’s something that will surely make you standout and remember, when the decision is made between two similar groups, the one that stands out frequently wins.

The key is, that in small quantities, this is much more affordable than one might think. One company that offers this type of printing is For $22 you can order 50 business cards and each card could have a different graphic on the front. There are probably many other companies that do the same thing but the key is to be able to do short run prints that can be done affordably and quickly.

For a small cost, you can have some truly remarkable marketing materials, customized to specific events, products or opportunities.

Have a great day!

PS I have absolutely no involvement with, it just seems like a great opportunity

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