Who are your best salespeople?

If you want to increase your business, you can go out and hire new salespeople, increase your marketing and advertising and hope for the best.

When you combine the cost of the salespeople, the cost of the advertising, the cost of the marketing, the cost of training and all other opportunity costs, the cost of doing this can be huge.

The alternative is to realize your best salespeople, and most loyal ones are your customers.

If you treat your customers well, deliver what you promise, sometimes over deliver, provide proper support, stay in contact and generally do what you should (as opposed to the absolute minimum) your customers/clients will tell more people than your salespeople can ever hope to contact.

If you aren’t getting a regular stream of referrals from your current clients, rather than going and spending a lot of time and money to acquire new clients, figure out what you are doing wrong with your current clients/

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